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Course Group

The creation of the new company Swinton Park Golf and Country Club 2017 Ltd means that the original terms of reference for The Course Liaison Group formed in April 2014 need to be amended.

The new Course Group will consist of the following members: -

  • The Course and Facilities Director. (Jason Haye and Kevan Morris)
  • The Course Manager. (Paul Massey)
  • The Club Golf Professional. (Dave Smith)
  • Two full playing members appointed by the Board of Directors. (Steve Bailey and Mike Stanfield)

The Course Groups terms of reference are: -

  1. To provide a forum for discussion of members’ ideas and suggestions on golf course presentation. They will ensure that full and objective consideration is given to all matters raised by members of the club. They will objectively convey member’s views as a whole rather than any subjective personal view.
  2. To communicate to members the reasoning behind actions or work on the golf course.
  3. To contribute to the production of policy documents recommended by the R&A and English Golf Union.
  4. To liaise with the Competitions and Handicaps and Ladies’ Committees to ensure that their views are communicated effectively.
  5. To market the financial potential of the “Golf Course” side of the business by increasing membership and visitors. Including Opens, Societies, General Visitors and the use of “Teeofftimes”. The interests of members’ access to the course will be considered during this process.
  6. The Course and Facilities Directors are responsible to the Board of Directors for all Financial and Personnel matters.
  7. The Course Manager is directly responsible to the Course and Facilities Directors.
  8. The Course Manager is professionally qualified to manage the playing condition of the golf course. Professional decisions on how and when work on the course is to be carried out will not be overridden.
  9. The management of the golf course will be in accordance with The Course Management Policy Document.

  Course Management Policy Document

Latest Update From The Course

Course Update

The long dry spell looks to continue for sometime and is providing a challenge for our course staff. Areas of the course will naturally parch. Only on courses with irrigation systems on tees and fairways can you expect to see green grass. 


Using an outside contractor the greens were overseeded on Monday 18th June and a light top-dressing of sand applied. 100% bent grass seed was used. In addition our staff have this week hand spiked, seeded and dressed greens where addition growth is required. Next year we plan to overseed 3 times a year the first being incorporated into the dressing applied after the early Spring hollow-coring. Regular mirco-tining and top dressing will take place during the summer.

The small pond on the 12th we use for irrigation is now empty. We have however this week started to irrigate the greens using water from the large pond on the 12th hole. This is pumped to the holding tank during the day and used automatically during the night. We are currently watering all the greens twice during the night at 10pm and 5am. In addition we are currently watering the more stressed greens during the day.

Greens maintenance week 13th August 2018:

To reduce disruption we will deep verti-drain with the Procore rather than hollow-core. Followed by another overseeding of the greens with 100% bent grass.

Weather conditions will influence this process. If the greens are firm and dry we will overseed and delay virti-draining until later in the year.

As stated at the beginning of the season our main priority was to reduce the level of thatch in our greens by aeration and application of sand. We remain on target to achieve this objective.

Mike Stanfield

On behalf of The Course Group

26th June 2018.

Seasonal Work Programme


To maintain the Greens, Greens Surrounds, Tees, Fairways, Rough and Bunkers as per the Course Management Policy Document.

The main priority this year is to reduce the level of thatch in our greens. This will be achieved by aeration to reduce compaction, followed by the application of sand.

In Spring as soon as the course is dry enough hollow core and apply a heavy top dressing of sand to all of the greens.

Twice a year use an Air 2G2 machine to inject air into the greens. This will reduce compaction of the sub-soil.

Week commencing 13th August 2018 hollow core the greens a second time and apply another heavy top dressing of sand.

In Autumn deep verti-drain and heave the greens to further reduce compaction. A top dressing of sand will be applied.

In May, June, July and September we will sand the greens with a light top dressing and lightly spike them with the Saral Roller.

Course Group

21st March 2018

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