Swinton Park Golf Club

Course Liaison Group

The Course Liaison Group was formed in April 2014 and consists of: -

  • The Course Director. (Mike Harriman)
  • The Course Manager. (Paul Massey)
  • The Club Golf Professional. (Dave Smith)
  • Two full playing members elected for 3 years at the club AGM 2015. (Phil Jones and Mike Stanfield)

The Course Liaison Groups terms of reference are: -

  1. To provide a forum for discussion of members’ ideas and suggestions on golf course presentation. They will objectively convey member’s views as a whole rather than any subjective personal view.
  2. To communicate to members the reasoning behind actions or work on the golf course.
  3. To contribute to the production of policy documents recommended by the R&A and English Golf Union.
  4. To liaise with the Competitions and Handicaps and Ladies’ Committees to ensure that their views are communicated effectively.
  5. The Course Director is solely responsible to the Board of Directors for all Financial and personnel matters.
  6. The Course Director must ensure that full and objective consideration is given to all matters raised by any member of the group.
  7. The Course Manager is directly responsible to the Course Director and will take instructions only from him/her.
  8. The Course Manager is professionally qualified to manage the playing condition of the golf course. Professional decisions on how and when work on the course is to be carried out will not be overridden.
  9. The management of the golf course will be in accordance with The Course Management Policy Document.

  Course Management Policy Document

SPGC 2015/2016 Winter Work Programme

Here is the proposed winter work programme for SPGC: -

  • 1st hole - Remove the large silver birch growing from the right bank of the stream. Remove the tree (to the right of the second bridge), which blocks a view of the green from the fairway. Prune and tidy some of the overgrown hawthorns and bushes between the two bridges on the right of the second stream.
  • 7th hole - Replace the Scots Pines near to the pond which have died, with an Oak and new Scots Pines.
  • 9th hole - Open up the area to the left of the scrape bunkers by removing all of the Silver Birch and other stunted trees, thereby allowing the Beech and Oak trees in that location to thrive.
  • 16th hole - Replace the Scots Pines which have died.

The main focus will be the 4 bunkers on the 3rd hole which will be reconstructed. After their completion, the greenside bunkers on the 14th and 16th will be tackled next, with priority being given to those on the LHS.


White posts will be cemented in from the 2nd green to the back of the 7th tee to clearly define the out of bounds line. An out of bounds trench will be dug to the left of the 7th fairway from the 2nd dip towards the LHS of the 7th green.


In the spring, greens will be solid tined and dressed. (In August, greens will be over seeded with high quality Bent grass).


Minor drainage work will be carried out on the 4th and 5th holes, from the front of the 7th green to the fairway dip, and in the fairway dip on the 14th hole

DROP ZONE 8th hole

From the start of next season, the drop zone will be moved back to its original location.


Minor repairs to be done to bridges over 1st (LHS) and 2nd brooks on 1st fairway.

Mike Harriman
Course Director 19/10/2015

  Winter Work Programme Update.doc

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